Dogs  is in a new environment and with a new person may be more open to learning new habits! Dogs have a history of rehearsing behaviors with a certain person and in a certain place so a board and train program offers dogs a blank new slate to start from fresh.

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Our Board & Train service is a great solution if you have a busy lifestyle, going on vacation, have a challenging dog or simply lack the skill and would like a professional trainer lay the foundation.  OSK9  offers a number of training programs including  natural agility course training, obedience, protection training  for family and property. 

We specialize in training dogs for security and personal protection. We have over 20 years of experience in the field and one of the very few centers in Belgium offering this service at this top quality level. Please have a look at our YouTube channel for videos of the dogs in training at OSK9.


The dog will be trained to protect you and your family going about your daily personal business in a variety of enviroments,  and to be under the control of the handler. Obedience is an important part of our Personal Protection training program.

The Board & Train program is always customized to your goals and your dog, that is why initial evaluation is always required prior to starting the service. All dogs are different, so no two programs are the same and you will discuss the estimated duration of your dog’s stay during your consultation with the trainer.
You will also receive regular updates during your dog’s stay at OSK9 for your peace of mind.


We only accept VERY limited number of dogs at one time to ensure each dog receives individual attention and quality training during their stay. Get in touch to check available dates. Deposit is required to secure the booking. 

Contact us today, if you’d like to set up an evaluation meeting with our trainer or request more information.